Control Diabetes with Metformin

The latest survey on diabetes reveals a startling fact. The total number of people suffering from diabetes will double by 2020. Diabetes is chronic disorder characterized by high glucose levels or inefficient production of insulin in blood. There are two types of diabetes- type1, found mostly in kids, and type 2 diabetes, found in adults. If unattended, it can lead to serious repercussion like kidney failure, blindness, and nerve damage. Researchers are trying to devise various effective diabetes treatments. One such drug that has come at the right time to help people battling with diabetes is Metformin. This wonder drug helps regulate blood sugar levels in body, tackles age related diabetes, and lowers cholesterol levels in body.
Metformin has triple benefits. First, it lowers the amount of glucose produced in the liver, then, it reduces the amount of glucose absorbed through stomach from food, and lastly, it improves the effectiveness of insulin in body. Usually the glucose lowering drugs available in the market tend to lower blood glucose levels in body leading to a condition known as hypoglycaemia. Metformin on the other hand does not increase the concentration of insulin in the blood. According to the latest research, the drug helps in preventing pancreatic cancer in obese people. It also acts as an antioxidant and helps in preventing minor ischemic attacks. Diabetes also leads to premature aging/ accelerate aging. It also helps in preventing sugar cravings, stabilizes sugar levels, improves body composition, and improves insulin use. This drug also helps in lowering cholesterol levels in body by preventing low-density lipoprotein from attaching to the arteries, thereby reducing the risk of blood clotting. Due to its sugar stabilizing properties, it is very useful for dieters and helps in preventing sugar cravings.
The dosage should be limited to 500 mg to 850 mg once or twice a day for people aged 40 years and above. People suffering with kidney or liver problems should consult a doctor before taking this medicine. Side effects in the form of nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, and stomach pain may be experienced. This drug can lead to deficiency of Vitamin B 12 , so the supplements of the same are recommended. Metformin should not be combined with other anti- hypertensive medicines, as it can lead to renal failure, cardiovascular problems, and other respiratory problems. Remember, diabetes is a chronic disease. It can never be fully cured. With diabetes treatment in the form of medicines, healthy diet, you can keep diabetes and other complications at bay.

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