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Speaking in public might not be your thing and if it is not, you migh turn down all those offers of getting to speak in public. It can get pretty scary up there and if you have never been up on stage before, that might be one thing that is making you feel nervous. If you are a very outgoing kind of person, you might find it easier to go in front and speak freely but if you are not, you might find it harder to do so. There are people who never get to speak in public because their nervousness gets the best of them and that can actually be sad. If you stick with us, we are going to give you some helpful tips on how you can speak in public without feeling nervous. Learn some tips on public speaking and we hope we can help you.

When you are about to speak in public, always remember that it is not about you but your audience. You are going to be speaking to people and they are the ones that are important not you so stop looking at yourself too much. Instead of using energy to be really nervous and rattled up on stage, you can use that energy to feed people what thy want. Maybe call out some names in the growd and get to share their experience and the like. Speak loud and clear so that people can hear you well and that your message will get out there.

You can get to breathe when you take short breaks and that can calm your nervousness down. You might have made a mistake and if you try to finish your sentences too fast, this will make things look even worse so if you make a mistake, correct it and slowly continue, pausing whenever you feel like the audience needs to take it all in first. You can stay calm by pausing every once in a while to get people’s reaction. This can make your public speaking look professional which is great. Never look down too much when you are talking but make eye contact with your audience and get to feel what they are feeling. You should know that those people listening to you are not there because they just want to be there but they are there to be inspired by you and for you to educate them on what they do not know. It helps to be yourself up there because that can make you the less nervous.

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