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Benefits Of The Portugal Golden Visa Program

With the use of Golden visas programs countries can encourage investment in all sectors to help boost the economy. When you are looking for the country to get your golden visa program from, you select the one with a stable and expanding economy. You will as well want a country that has the crucial infrastructure and global transport options that mean that it is a prime area. You as well will have to look for a place that is fantastic to live in. By the use of the golden visas, you will have a very easy option that you can realize your dream as an investor to enter the EU market.

Let we now have a look at some of the merits you will enjoy by selecting the Portuguese golden visa program. Free travel in EU countries is one of the major advantage. This means that you will have the permission to enter into another European country. When you want to go to another country, you have to go through the tiresome and long process of applying for a visa which may be denied. The Portuguese golden visa allows you to move freely without applying for a visa. This is where you can go to a country of your choice and even perform trade without meeting with any struggles.

This is a way to show you that you will be seen as a Portuguese citizen. The second merit you will have by being on the golden program is the residence permit in other states. When you are trying to earn this permit, there are many background checks to be performed and you may fail. The golden visa program allows you to get any of these more quickly and smoothly in any EU country.

An added advantage of being on the golden visa program is being able to compete fairly the sector you venture in. You may invest in the European countries but the competition will not be fair due to pricing as the resident do not pay taxes. The Golden visa program gives you an opportunity of not paying taxes as well or being required to pay a small percentage for 10 years. As a result you will be able to fight with your rivals fairly.

Another benefit for you is earning Portuguese citizenship after some time. This is when you can sustain the golden visa program for the next 5 years. The golden visa program also gives you the advantage of enjoying the company of your family. This is because the Portuguese golden visa program realizes the importance of being close to your family. The program thus allows you to move with the whole of your family members to the country.

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