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Benefits of mineral water
Mineral water is water that is collected from a natural spring, and it has minerals like salts, Sulfur compounds. Mineral water can be known as still or sparkling water based on the presence or the absence of the added gases. In the past, mineral water was collected directly from the springs. Such places where the water is collected are spas, baths, or wells. In the spas, people would take a bath inside the water. The water was used for therapeutic purposes, recreation and water in the wells are used for drinking. Today, the mineral water is manufactured by adding minerals in water and hence makes it appear as the spring water. It has the same health benefits as compared to the spring or well water. The water is packaged in bottles at the company ready for distribution. It is then sold to customers when it is ready to drink.
When the water has different minerals inside, then it is said to be hard water. Water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium ions inside. Water that has less dissolved magnesium and calcium ions is considered to be soft water. The ions are helpful in the body of a human being. Apart from relieving thirst, there are several benefits that you can get from drinking bottled or mineral water. Mineral water contains a higher level of salt of the minerals inside. Therefore, it should not be taken in high amounts. The water is to be taken in limited amounts by the patients who have hypertension, kidney disease, and also pregnant women, and this will also depend on their conditions.
One of the benefits of taking mineral water is that it is a bone enhancer. The regular consumption of the mineral water will better the health of the bones and also prevent ailments. Some of the diseases that are caused by the lack of some ions in the body that are present in mineral water include post-menopausal bone density in women. Mineral water also maintains the performance of the muscles with the content of magnesium.
Mineral water will tend to lower the cholesterol level in the body. This is because of the concentration in magnesium and potassium in the water. These are elements that are used in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the body.
Mineral water enhances the digestion of food in the body. After you take heavy dishes, it is advisable that you take mineral water. It works by increasing rising the removal of hormone amylase out the pancreas, and it contains sulfate that assists the digestion process.
Mineral water also helps in kidney protection. Some of the elements like bicarbonate, potassium, and sodium, tend to inhibit dehydration and ensures that water is absorbed in the body. Mineral water also decreases the concentration of calcium oxalate and the chances of you getting kidney stones.
Mineral water prevents muscle cramps. This is by preventing the fluids from being transpired from the body. They also prevent the loss of electrolytes when working out for those who are working out like athletes. It also helps in maintain performance by preventing muscle cramps due to t the presence of magnesium in water.

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