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Reasons Why You Should Wear a Life Jacket

The water has some of the most amazing activities like swimming, boat riding and skiing but since you will be exposing yourself to certain risks, you need to use a life jacket all the time whether it is for leisure or sport. With the importance of wearing life jackets well known to most people, they still choose to venture into the water without one. A life jacket may be designed to keep you from drowning but it does a lot more than that, which is why you are always urged to ensure you are wearing one. But if you are still skeptical about the idea of wearing a life jacket, below are important reasons why you should.

Life jackets save lives and if you doubt that then you can look at the numbers; people with life jackets have a higher survival chance compared to those who don’t in case of a boat accident and they fall in the water. The life jackets being manufactured today are meant to keep your body temperature warm when you are out in the water, which gives you a better surviving chance in case you find yourself stuck in the water for a long time.

Over half of people who drowned in the water were those who considered themselves good swimmers and did not see it necessary to wear a life jacket but you should not make such a mistake regardless of your swimming abilities. Facing the sky instead of the ocean while you are in the water may not seem like much but it is enough to save your life whenever you are out on water.

Always wear a life jacket even when you think it is such a beautiful day and nothing weather-related could go wrong when you are skiing or boat riding, and this is because a commanding percentage of the accidents have been caused by non-weather related issues. Among the people who die from drowning a very small percentage is kids which means it is the adults who are not taking the life jackets seriously and it is about time they start.

Even if you planning to be just around the dock on be around water, wearing a life jacket is the perfect way of protecting yourself since you don’t know when an accident may happen. Since most of the water activities are usually done in groups, you can motivate your friends to wear life jackets by wearing one. Now you understand why wearing life jackets is important whenever you are going out into the water.

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